Hey there, awsm, you made it to the text section. I hope you don’t mind if I take this opportunity to introduce myself and share some context about what you may have already seen. 
I’m a creative director & brand designer based in Basel, Switzerland, and I’m passionate about everything related to how brands are perceived. Whether it occupies a subcultural niche or operates on a global scale, how a brand behaves can make the difference between everything and nothing in the long run.

I’m a visual enthusiast at heart, but I always take a holistic approach to brand & design topics—by ensuring a purpose-driven brand vision, a value-based brand personality, and translating the brand into emotional and functional customer experiences. I’m convinced that a well-balanced interplay between these aspects is crucial to the recipient’s decision-making process and is a critical driver for a brand’s popularity and commercial success.

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Presentation at EyeEm’s «Creator Meets» Event in Vienna with Cem Guenes (on the right side)

With all the challenges we face in today’s world, people’s preferences for brands are influenced by a wide range of factors that go beyond the purely rational appeal of a product or service. A strong philosophy and attitude, when translated into meaningful, touching experiences and relatable stories, creates identification and has the power to leave a lasting impact on people’s hearts and minds. And it builds the foundation for a long-term relationship with them—which is a brand’s highest aim.

To me, a strategic approach to creating brand experiences is about much more than sleek designs. It’s a decisive lever for business performance. It’s an effective steering tool and powerful guiding force that every enterprise and organization needs to be successful. It’s about changing the perspective and making abstract strategies and rational business goals emotionally accessible, tangible and relatable for the end customer over the long term.
 What may seem simple is actually a multilayered challenge where many things have to work in harmony. Creating a holistic, aspirational brand image takes more than just design skills. Less obvious factors are just as crucial, such as setting up the right structures, stakeholder management, rules, tools and processes—not to mention great sparring partners.

Work Experience

I have experience as an art director and brand design manager in both medium-sized companies and large, global corporations. On the agency side, I’ve worked as a visual designer and more recently in leadership, creative direction and key account management positions.


Head of Brand Design

Zürich, 2020–Present


Global Brand Design Manager

Zürich/Hannover, 2016–2020


Brand Design Manager / Art Director

Basel, 2016–2018 (part time)


Visual Designer

Aarau, 2010–2012



BA Visual Communication


Basel, 2012–2015


HF Graphic Design & Branding

School of Design Basel

Basel, 2010–2012

Partners and Network

A holistic brand vision can never be brought to life by a single person. It’s about joining forces with experts and specialists to achieve the highest quality over all touchpoints. I love the collaborative approach and work with a network of long-standing, experienced partners and friends.


Pascal Imhof, Basel – Switzerland


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